Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ain't Nobody got time fo' that!!!!

Gurlllllllllllllllll where has the time gone?

It's been a century but I can get back to my desk and roll around in the sweet scent of hot chocolate and the soothing sound of typing, ah yes, Stardoll's Appearence. 

The reason for my hiatus was my two month long trip to Europe studying fashion. Let me tell you, it was PHENOMENAL! There is a LOT you need to know before you get into the industry, that's for sure. And the great thing about Europe is that this is the core, where it all started; Milan-Paris-London...I could go on. The inspiration is unstoppable, I remember I got an idea for a spring collection off of a napkin in the cute warm restaurants nestled in the burrow.

Speaking of nestling in the burrow, the scent of hot chocolate and...wait- did I mention hot chocolate? Autumn has caught us by the arm and settled in our streets. That means a change in style and let me tell you - Autumn is one of my FAVOURITE when it comes to what to wear. I am a big fan of cozy sweaters, black tights, and combat boots. the colours are spectaculaur and we're seeing plum aswell as maroon creep its way back into this season aswell. 

One thing I'm spotting a LOT of is snoods. 

Worst possible name for a scarf but hey, it works. Snoods are an all-around scarf that is basically connected end to end and can be worn in a rolled/layered style. It also works as a hoodie, which is great when you really need to cover your head from those chilly breezes. 

Imagine the wind just attacks your hair completely right when you step out of your house. Now, you could go back and brush it, dry it, & put in your new weave.. but....
and so that's why this stylish scrumptious piece is perfect for all around protection, and works as a snug cute swag to any outfit.

Furthermore, one of my ALL-TIME favorite shoes!! OMG I CAN'T HOLD IT IN..AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, okay. MOCASSINS

Settle down guys, settle down. I know, I'm happy too but... -just calm down and I can get through my sentence. Thank you. 

Moccasins are, similar to snoods, comfy and trendy. They are super adorable and range from toddlers to as high as the elderly, if you really want to go there. They are unisex and look great on just about anyone. I personally love (LOVED) my pair of Minnetonka moccasins until I sadly dropped a burning marshmallow on them and a large black burnt hole erupted.  :'( (moment of silence for all moccasins that tragically got ruined) 

My recommendation is Minnetonka or SoftMoc, or even UGG. Style wise, Minnetonka gets the trophy. Mocassins are a simple piece that really project that warm autumn vibe while resting subtle and zen at the same time; a perfect choice! A warning though, Moccasin shoelaces are really hard to tie into original position so I advise you, do not roll around in them or randomly decide to untie them - because you will turn crazy trying to get them back to their former glory.

The autumn cycle is evolving each year bringing in new fads and showcasing the return of favored items, what do you think is a trend this fall to die for? What are your views on the snood and the mocassin? I'd love to hear them! :-)